(Elops saurus)


 Distribution & Size

The Ladyfish is found inshore inhabiting the bays and estuaries and occasionally will enter fresh water. It is often found in large schools chasing small bait fish. It is similar to a juvenile Tarpon in size and the most common weight caught is about 2 to 3 lbs. Having caught one inshore recently I have to say it is a beautiful looking fish. The Florida record is 4 lbs 10 oz. World Record 5 lb 14 oz.

 General Information

Apparently one of the best acrobatic small fish in Florida, making frequent and spectacular jumps. Have to report that mine never jumped but pulled well for its size. 

 Tackle & Bait

To catch this species you need only light boat tackle with 10 to 20 in main line. Fish baits seem to me the best to use. I caught mine using the silver belly fish strip from Bonito. The fish made a good account of itself on light gear. Can also be caught using top water plugs and jigs. The boys at the dock catch then under the dock using shrimp pieces. Apparently Ladyfish make great bait for Grouper or Amberjacks.

 Eating Qualities

I was originally informed that the fish was inedible having many bones and had a very soft mushy flesh. However having recently discussed favourite fish with some people on the dock I was surprised to learn that one man's favourite fish was in fact the Ladyfish. He said they made great fishcakes.

 State Limits & Regulations


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